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Concert Pianos, a Best-in-class Piano Retailer for pre-owned Steinway Pianos online, Announces Jump in YouTube Viewership

February 1, 2020 – Dallas, Texas. Concert Pianos, a professional source for pre-owned Steinway pianos to buy, is proud to announce a surge in viewership on the company’s YouTube videos. Maestro Bruno, a recognized expert in sourcing used Steinway pianos, reviews and tests the sound, condition, and quality of beautiful Steinway pianos.

You Need an Expert to Help You Buy a Used Steinway B Online

If you are looking for a Steinway Model B for sale you are working along the right lines. Steinways are amazing pianos and the very first one, known as the Kitchen Piano, was built by Heinrich Englehard Steinway in the kitchen of his home in Seesen in Germany in 1836.

What Is the Difference Between a Pre-Owned and a Used Steinway Piano?

Used car dealers popularized the use of the term “pre-owned” vs. “used” because it sounds classier. Well, in the Steinway pianos market there is the same terminology: pre-owned vs. used Steinway pianos. But there’s a reason.

Steinway Years to Avoid: Working with an Expert in Used Steinway Pianos

Many smart shoppers realize that buying a “used” or “preowned” Steinway piano, especially the popular Steinway Model B is the way to go. While new Steinway pianos are fantastic (of course), you pay quite a premium for a new Steinway piano vs. a new or preowned one. That’s one reason why we came up with […]

Concert Pianos, the Leading Retailer of Used Steinway Pianos for Sale including Steinway B’s, Announces Blog Archive

Dallas, Texas – November 2, 2019. Concert Pianos, the leading retailer of premium pre-owned and used Steinway pianos for sale, is proud to announce a further upgrade to their blog with the addition of a new blog archive focused on Steinway pianos for sale.

Finding a Preowned Steinway: The Advantages of Premium Preowned

The Steinway brand is legendary. Steinway has built – and continues to build – pianos that will last literally hundreds of years. Proper care and maintenance plus use patterns, however, can make all the difference. As the leading provider of used Steinway pianos for sale over the Internet, we rely on “Maestro Bruno” as our […]

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