Finding a Preowned Steinway: The Advantages of Premium Preowned

The Steinway brand is legendary. Steinway has built – and continues to build – pianos that will last literally hundreds of years. Proper care and maintenance plus use patterns, however, can make all the difference. As the leading provider of used Steinway pianos for sale over the Internet, we rely on “Maestro Bruno” as our resident Steinway piano expert. To the naked, untrained eye two used Steinway pianos may look alike, but not to Maestro Bruno. He and his team of experts in the piano industry can look “beneath the hood” (to use a car analogy) and really get to know each and every piano. In fact, Maestro Bruno not only has used Steinway pianos in stock in his Texas warehouse, but he can act as your personal piano expert and source to find the Steinway piano that really meets your needs.Preowned Steinway Pianos for Sale

Premium Preowned Steinway Pianos

People often scour the Internet for “used” Steinway pianos, once they realize a) the longevity of well-built Steinway pianos, and b) the price difference between a used Steinway piano vs. a new one. But there are challenges. First and foremost, when you buy a new Steinway piano, you know what you’re getting. Yes, you may be paying full retail, but you know you’re getting Steinway quality and 100% Steinway parts. That’s the big advantage of going for a new Steinway piano, including their ever-popular Steinway Model B. But the price can be daunting, and the reality is that you may realize you are paying a lot for that Steinway name, and a lot for the “new” in a new Steinway piano for sale. You are, to some extent, throwing your money away just as in the new car market you are, to some extent, throwing your money away when you buy a brand new car, and drive it around the block. Not that you shouldn’t consider purchasing a new Steinway – but just you should go in “eyes open” and understand the pros and cons of buying new.

When you’re looking to buy used, then you have the problem of evaluating the authenticity and condition of a potential Steinway purchase. First, is it genuine? Were piano repairs made over the years and substitutions made of non-Steinway parts? What was the quality of any repairs? Only a true expert in used Steinway pianos can answer these questions. Secondarily, what is its condition? Was it played a lot or a little? Was it cared for well or poorly? It may be 100% genuine Steinway but still in a deficient condition.

What Maestro Bruno and his team do is a top-to-bottom inspection of each and every Steinway piano they sell. They call them “Premium Preowned Steinway” for a reason. These are pianos that have been thoroughly inspected, are in great condition, and are generally less than twenty years old. If you’re in the market for a preowned Steinway, you owe it to your peace of mind to reach out to Maestro Bruno for help with your quest to find the best Steinway piano for you.

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