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Steinway Years to Avoid: Working with an Expert in Used Steinway Pianos

Many smart shoppers realize that buying a “used” or “preowned” Steinway piano, especially the popular Steinway Model B is the way to go. While new Steinway pianos are fantastic (of course), you pay quite a premium for a new Steinway piano vs. a new or preowned one. That’s one reason why we came up with […]

Concert Pianos, the Leading Retailer of Used Steinway Pianos for Sale including Steinway B’s, Announces Blog Archive

Dallas, Texas – November 2, 2019. Concert Pianos, the leading retailer of premium pre-owned and used Steinway pianos for sale, is proud to announce a further upgrade to their blog with the addition of a new blog archive focused on Steinway pianos for sale.

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