We are justifiably proud of reviews of Concert Pianos / Red Bird LLC and Maestro Bruno. Use this page to read our reviews, and learn how Maestro Bruno has helped many people to find used or preowned and New Steinway pianos, including the popular Model B Steinway, at affordable prices. If you’re in the market to buy a Steinway piano, join the company of these happy and satisfied clients who found the Steinway piano of their dream.

Dear Bruno,

I wanted to express to you how the Steinway Grands that you have provided to us are coming along. First as a pianist and board member of the Gallo Center for the Arts, we love the Steinway Concert Grand and the Steinway Model B. The pianos have matured into wonderful sounding instruments. Your attention to detail on the of voicing and regulation over the years has created wonderful instruments.

The Steinway B you provided for Modesto Junior College for our 125 seat performance stage is also a wonderful instrument. This instrument over the years has inspired so many students. Thank you again for sending your technician to our school this summer to check on our Steinway and his attention to detail in voicing and regulating the piano.

We have enjoy working with Red Bird over the past 14 years and providing us with some many wonderful pianos.

We look forward to purchasing more pianos from you as our budget allows.


Dr. Alejandro Sabre / Modesto Junior College


“In buying from Japan, I was very nervous. Airport transfers, interpreters, accommodation, Mr. Bruno was taking care of me all. Piano is prepared four, I was able to select the one of your favorite.”

Purchase a Used Steinway 2002 Premium Pre Owned with Level 4 “Virtuoso” Service Package.

- Mizato

Thank you very much for sending the fabulous piano and paying the additional fee of the air freight. This piano is much more superb than I thought! I know so many brand new Hamburg Ds, and have never seen one like this piano. It came to my home last night and the setup is complete. 

Email again soon - Maestro K.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the Model B and all the great support you have provided in facilitating the purchase. You have my unconditional recommendation for any prospective client interested in a Steinway piano. I received it Tuesday afternoon and when I went to my weekly piano lesson the next day, my piano teacher couldn’t believed what an improvement had occurred after only one day of practicing on the Model B. The dynamic range is just incredible. I’m VERY happy with this piano!

Warmest regards ~ Dr. Steve S., Golden Valley, MN

I had the pleasure of performing a piano recital at Ellis Auditorium in Petaluma, California on the Steinway “B” piano provided by Red Bird, LLC.

When I first saw the piano, I thought it was brand new, so beautifully detailed it was. I soon learned, however, that it was actually an exquisitely reconditioned instrument, vintage 1916.

I have been performing for more than 30 years, and this instrument was among the finest I have played. The tone was rich and singing, the voicing across the entire range was clear and even, and the action was responsive and exactly regulated. In fact, for a 7-foot instrument, I would compare its tone and resonance to that of a larger “D” model, the 9-foot concert grand.

This was indeed a very special and delightful instrument to perform on, and I have nothing but praise for the quality of its sound and the craftsmanship that went into it.


Dr. John Hillebrandt, pianist