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Maestro Bruno” is the leading expert on finding premium pre-owned and used Steinway Grands for sale at the best prices.Concert Pianos is the #1 superstore to buy your Steinway Grand.

So, if you’re in the market for a Steinway, work with “Maestro Bruno” to find your Dream Steinway Pianoat the Right Price. Let Bruno use his contacts and knowledge to scour the globe to find the best Steinway for you at the best price. If you looking for the Steinway Model B-211 Semi Concert Grand, Concert Pianos usually has 25 Model B Steinway’s in stock and in the pipeline. We also stock other models of Steinway Grands. 

Contact “Maestro” Bruno for a free Consultation on Your Steinway Grand Needs:

  • Call “Maestro Bruno” at 800-745-6323 ext. 1 or  Cell / 214-347-7945
  • Text. 206-310-0008
  • Email. bruno@redbirdllc.com

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