Concert Pianos, the Leading Retailer of Used Steinway Pianos for Sale including Steinway B’s, Announces Blog Archive

Dallas, Texas – November 2, 2019. Concert Pianos, the leading retailer of premium pre-owned and used Steinway pianos for sale, is proud to announce a further upgrade to their blog with the addition of a new blog archive focused on Steinway pianos for sale. Steinway Pianos for saleThe new archive helps persons seeking information on how to find the best used Steinway piano online a way to educate themselves before reaching out for personal assistance.

“A person looking for a premium pre-owned or used Steinway piano for sale will often start, first, with online research,” explained Maestro Bruno, proprietor of Concert Pianos and a leading expert on sourcing Steinway pianos for sale. “Our new blog archive puts informative blog posts on Steinway pianos for sale right at their fingertips. If interested, they can take the next step and reach out to me for personal assistance.”

Interested persons can view the new blog archive at There, they can read informative articles with tips on how to find used Steinway pianos for sale. A sample blog post goes over the best way to find used Steinway pianos for sale and explains how to work with “Maestro Bruno,” if desired to get the assistance of a true expert in the marketplace for used Steinways. Persons might also be interested in viewing the company’s legacy website at which has established a name for Red Bird LLC as the leader in sourcing Steinway pianos. Those in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex can also visit which is a retail partner offering not just Steinway pianos but other brands to persons in Texas.


Here is background on this release. It is an open secret that the Steinway brand is among the most popular for piano lovers not just in the United States but worldwide. Many people seek out new Steinway pianos and thus go to the official website, but others are more savvy and realize that a used or preowned Steinway piano might better suit their needs and budget. Obviously, however, working in the premium pre-owned and used piano marketplace is more difficult. Where can one find Steinway pianos for sale online? Whom can one trust? How does one evaluate the true cost of a Steinway piano vs. its value?

The first step in this process is often one of self-education. The interested person seeks out Internet websites and blogs, not just the official Steinway website, to learn the business side of finding a used piano online. The information, unfortunately, can be overwhelming. The second step is thus often to find a recognized expert in used Steinway pianos, a person who can evaluate the condition of a potential purchase and work with the buyer to source his or her dream piano in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The new blog archive helps with this first issue, and the availability of Maestro Bruno as a personal buyer helps with the second. For these reasons, Concert Pianos is proud to announce a new archive to its lively blog.


Based in Dallas, Texas, Concert Pianos is a best-in-class retailer of used and preowned Steinway pianos. Under the leadership of Maestro Bruno, Concert Pianos has garnered a reputation as the best place on the Internet to find Steinway pianos for sale, including the popular Steinway model B. Connoisseurs of Steinway pianos seeking to buy Steinway pianos online (or even to sell their Steinway) reach out to Maestro Bruno for expert guidance as to the value of Steinway pianos, how to buy or sell them, and how to find them at the best price. Always ready to talk, Maestro Bruno can be reached via the website and is happy to discuss the opportunities to buy or sell a “dream Steinway piano.”

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