Concert Pianos Announces Homepage Refresh Focused on Steinway B’s for Sale Web Traffic

Dallas, Texas – October 30, 2019. Concert Pianos, the leading retailers of used and pre-owned Steinway pianos for sale, is proud to announce a new refresh to their homepage, focused on the popular “Steinway B for sale” Internet search. Steinway BThe popular “B” model of Steinway Pianos causes persons in the market to search diligently and often discover that a used or pre-owned Steinway piano is a good fit for their needs.

“Our most popular inquiry is for Steinway Model B pianos for sale,” explained Maestro Bruno, proprietor of Concert Pianos and a leading expert on sourcing Steinway pianos for sale. “Our new homepage refresh showcases our expertise in locating hard-to-find Steinway B’s at the best price and quality worldwide. We work with many buyers to locate their dream Premium pre-owned / used Steinway pianos.”

Interested persons can view the new homepage directly at Those who want to find Steinway B’s for sale can click up to the Steinway B tab under “pianos,” or reach out via the website directly to talk with “Maestro Bruno.” Persons who are not quite ready for a one-on-one engagement can also view the YouTube videos of Maestro Bruno at And for persons who want to instantly view available Steinway B inventory. But note that not all available Steinway B’s are on the Concertpianos website. For the most accurate account of what Maestro Bruno has available, what is in transit and what Steinway B’s Maestro Bruno is working on acquiring reach out to Maestro Bruno on his cell in Dallas at 214-347-7945. Interested persons can also also access the legacy website at


Here is background on this release. No piano brand is more popular than that of Steinway & Sons. Many people have a child or young adult who wants to go to the next level of pianos and so they look to Steinway; still others are passionate adults who want the best in concert pianos; and still others, are professional pianists in the United States or other countries who are looking to purchase a Steinway piano but have budget constraints. While a new Steinway pianos can cost $112,000, many savvy customers realize that premium pre-owned / used Steinway piano, especially the popular “Model B’s” are a good way to go.

Steinway has and always will build a Steinway to last 100+ years. When a piano buyer realizes that one can purchase a Premium Pre Owned Steinway for 58% to 62% of the price of a new one and a used Steinway for 38% to 47% of the price of a new one, they may realize that the latter two options are the way to go. The next problem they confront is how to locate quality Steinway B’s for sale. There’s the local market with physical stores which may work in New York, San Francisco, or Seattle but not necessarily in smaller cities. There’s the online market via Craigslist or eBay, but it’s hard to determine what is the true quality of the pianos offered online. Thus they search for, and often encounter, “Maestro Bruno,” a recognized expert in the used Steinway Piano market with special expertise in sourcing Steinway B pianos for sale online.

The new homepage is a gateway to that “first touch” online experience and encourages users to reach out to “Maestro Bruno” to find their dream piano. For these reasons, Concert Pianos is proud to announce a homepage refresh focused on helping piano lovers find best-in-class Steinway pianos online.


Based in Dallas, Texas, Concert Pianos is a best-in-class retailer of used and Premium pre-owned Steinway pianos. Under the leadership of Maestro Bruno, Concert Pianos has garnered a reputation as the best place on the Internet to find Steinway pianos for sale, including the popular Steinway model B. Connoisseurs of Steinway pianos seeking to buy Steinway pianos online (or even to sell their Steinway) reach out to Maestro Bruno for expert guidance as to the value of Steinway pianos, how to buy or sell them, and how to find them at the best price. Always ready to talk, Maestro Bruno can be reached via the website and is happy to discuss the opportunities to buy or sell a “dream Steinway piano.”

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