Buying a Steinway Piano, Even a Used One, Costs a Lot

Buying a Steinway piano is a bit like buying a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce. It’s the best of the best and has a long history, as do Ferraris and “Rollers”. Buy a Steinway piano onlineFor that reason, Steinways don’t come cheap. (Neither do Ferraris and Rollers). In fact, a new Steinway can quite easily cost you as much as a Ferrari or Roller, so it is a vey large investment. But then, the best always is.

If you are looking to buy a Steinway piano, then that’s a great decision. Why wouldn’t you want the best? And anyway, once you have it and it’s in your home it is safe. It’s not like your Ferrari, which can get written off because some teenager who has just passed his driving test is doing 80 mph on the wrong side of the road.

But even so, when you buy a Steinway piano there’s the hassle of moving it into your home, and the last thing you want when you’ve done that is to find out that you are not really happy with it after all. Even a used Steinway is going to cost many thousands of dollars, so you want to make certain that you spend your money wisely. But how do you know?

It Is Similar To Buying A Used Ferrari Or Roller

It’s like buying a used Ferrari. How do you know how well it has been maintained and if there is anything likely to go wrong with it six months after you’ve bought it? The answer is that – unless you are a trained Ferrari mechanic – you don’t. And unless you fully understand Steinways, you don’t know about them either. Yes, you may love the sound, but do you know how long the hammers or the strings will last? Did you know there are over 12,000 pieces in a Steinway piano?

This is why, if you want to buy a Steinway piano, you need the advice of Maestro Bruno who has been buying and selling Steinways since 1976. You can either fly down to his warehouse in Dallas where he always has a selection of Steinway concert grands for sale, or if you can’t do that you can work with him using the magic of the internet and test them out remotely.

Maestro Bruno knows Steinways inside and out, the right way up and upside down, so there really is nothing he doesn’t know about them. When you are looking at spending that sort of money – and even a second-hand Steinway isn’t “cheap” – you have to get it right. He wants you to be delighted with your purchase – as he has been with his. He has bought seven of them for his own personal use over the years, so he knows what makes them tick.

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