You Can Buy a Steinway Piano Online from Ebay, but You Will Need Help

If you are a pianist, whether professional or amateur, you may well consider looking for used Steinway pianos online, and there is no doubt that you can find them. Buying a Steinway Piano online from eBayShopping online seems to have taken over the whole world, with Amazon and eBay being a couple of the best examples, and you can certainly find Steinway pianos as well. But the problem is, how do you know the quality? To answer that question, the point is that – unless you are an expert – you don’t.

Buying used Steinway pianos online on eBay, Craigslist, or perhaps even Amazon (is that even possible?) is much the same as buying fine diamonds online. Even if you are an expert in diamonds, you need to be able to examine them up close and personal to check on the quality of the stone and the cutting. So while you can locate fine diamonds online, you then need to go and see them and hold them in your hand in order to be able to decide whether the quality is good enough for your purposes. Much the same goes for looking for used Steinway pianos online. However, in this case you need the services of an expert to help you, unless you are already an expert in Steinways.

Contact Maestro Bruno, the Expert in Steinway Pianos

You should contact Concert Pianos, as we sell used and pre-owned premium Steinways. Here you will find Maestro Bruno who has been selling new and premium pre-owned Steinways since 1974, so he has a certain amount of experience. In fact, he has sold over $50 million worth of Steinways and has also purchased no less than seven Steinway Model B’s for his personal use over the years. Maestro Bruno probably knows more about Steinways than anyone else in the world.

Of course, it is always possible that you will find the very Steinway that you want in one of Maestro Bruno’s locations, but if you don’t, he is an acknowledged expert at sourcing and locating used and pre-owned premium Steinways online. Among our most popular models? The popular Steinway B for sale.

There is so much to ascertaining the condition and value of a pre-owned Steinway. For instance, the hammers will last for 22,000 hours of heavy playing, but unless you are an expert how can you assess the amount of hours left on the hammers? What about the condition of the case? If there are scratches these may be obvious, but how do you tell if the case may need some case work and a spray over?

There are many more things than this that have to be looked at when assessing the condition of a used Steinway, which is why you need Maestro Bruno to help.

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