Why the Steinway B is the Most Sought-after Semi Concert Grand in the World

The Steinway B is the most sought-after Semi Concert Grand in the World. Concert Pianos is the leading merchant of Premium Pre-Owned Steinway Grands. Maestro Bruno, a pianist for his entire life, has announced that he is opening an expanded Steinway Selection Center for Model B Steinway’s at 4501 Alpha Road Suite 120 Dallas Texas 75244 on March 1, 2020.

The Private Steinway Selection Center is like no other Center in the world! You and Maestro Bruno will spend up to 8 hours reviewing, playing and understand how to choose the right Steinway B for you. This is a very personal experience. You need to be in a quiet room. Just you and all of these wonderful Steinway B’s. Indeed, even the Steinway Factory does not have this many Premium Pre-Owned Steinway B’s to choose from. Perhaps you love pianos. Perhaps you’re a beginner just learning. Or perhaps you’re a piano teacher, a formal pianist (amateur or professional), or perhaps you’re the parent of a student who wants to really master the piano. In each case, you should come by our incredible piano selection center to explore your Steinway piano options. Indeed, you’re a superfan of Steinway you want to reach out to Maestro Bruno and explore your Steinway B options.Steinway B for Sale in Dallas, Texas

Contact Maestro Bruno for your Steinway Piano Options

Call Maestro Bruno 214-347-7945, come to the Grand opening March 1, 2020. Stop by, visit see the new showroom and set a private appointment to play these wonderful Steinway B Semi Concert Grands. You will Experience Steinway B’s serviced to Level 2,3,4.

These Steinway B’s are calibrated to specifications that very few if any places choose to do. This refinement is reflected on how you respond to the Steinway B. When you have played each piano for 45 to 60 minutes and truly understand what each has to offer you, then and only then can you choose the right Steinway B that will be your friend for the rest of your life. So, call Maestro Bruno Today and visit the new Steinway Selection Center in Dallas by the Dallas Galleria.

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