Getting a ‘Private Selection Time’ for a Steinway B Piano for Sale

Concert Pianos in Dallas wants you to experience what is like to have a “Private Selection time.” We do this because we’re passionate about Steinway pianos, and especially about the incredible, popular Steinway Model B. We’re #1 in the Dallas Fort Worth area for Steinway pianos, and we’re #1 for Steinway B’s for sale. In fact, people fly into us from all over the country; we’re convenient to both Dallas Love Field and the DFW airport. Just call ahead and make an appointment for a private selection time to find a Steinway B.Steinway B for Sale in Dallas, Texas

When you sign up for a Steinway B Selection Day, you will be on a journey like no other you have been on. You will be along with Maestro Bruno in a Private room with 8 Steinway Premium Pre-Owned Steinway Model B Grands. During your appointed time – usually 6 to 8 hours – you will have quite time to play and reflect on the qualities that each of these Steinway B’s has to offer you.

You will experience Steinway B that are Classic, Dark, or performance tone. Some will have more Citrus in the tone, some more Chocolate. Some actions will be 48 Grams some 52 or 54. During this experience you will have the necessary time to fall in love with your Steinway B. This is not a rushed Experience.

You will savor each piano. You will learn about it. You will in the end find the one that speaks to you. Something deep inside you will change when you meet the perfect Steinway B. Maestro Bruno has accompanied over 200 pianists in their quest to find the perfect Steinway Model B Semi Concert Grand. With this new Steinway Selection Center in Dallas this experience will now be available to more pianist. Call Maestro Bruno today 214-347-7945 to set a time to discuss your next Steinway B.

Interested? If you can’t stop by, at least watch the video below. This is an older video but shows Maestro Bruno at work showcasing incredible Steinway Pianos.

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