Concert Pianos, the Leader in Sourcing Steinway B Pianos for Sale Online, Announces Update to Informational Page

Dallas, Texas – December 19, 2019. Concert Pianos, the leading source for finding hard-to-find, premium quality premium pre-owned Steinway pianos online is proud to announce a new update to their popular informational page on Steinway Model B pianos or “Steinway B’s” as they are known in industry parlance. Steinway BThe new post not only showcases current inventory but also is a stepping stone to the search for the perfect Steinway Model B.

“We are proud to sell and deliver our Steinway’s to anyone in the world. Our store is easy to get to, should a potential buyer want to come in and ‘sample’ the pianos, and some people may expect to try out a piano before spending the money and time to ship it,” explained Maestro Bruno, proprietor of Concert Pianos and a leading expert on sourcing Steinway pianos for sale. “We are proud of our new page update on our popular Steinway B’s for sale. The revised informational page allows the public to fully research our selection online in a way that hasn’t happened before. We’ve even included YouTube videos showcasing some of the key pianos.”

To review the newly updated page of pre-owned pianos on the Concert Pianos link go to A listing of gently used and lovingly refurbished Steinway pianos are ready to browse for the public. New, clear, and detailed photos, along with a text description, can help with the decision-making process. Shoppers prepared to test the sound of each Steinway can watch and listen to the attached videos. For information about brands including Yamaha pianos, Wurlitzer and Perzina interested persons can visit the Dallas Fort Worth partner store at Persons focused on purchasing a Steinway B piano in Dallas can also review the site. In all situations, the best step is to reach out for a consultation with “Maestro Bruno,” a recognized expert in sourcing Steinway pianos online.


Here is the background for this release. The online shopping sector continues to rise in popularity among consumers. So-called ‘big-ticket’ items such as used pianos are as easy to browse on the internet as standard consumer goods. The benefit of reviewing a more substantial, pricier product online can include learning what a product can offer before making a considerable investment. Philanthropic individuals may be ready to purchase and donate a piano to a non-profit, church, or school. Shoppers might expect to explore the ‘best of the best’ of used Steinway B models before making a decision.

Fine Arts contributors ready to donate a gently-used piano to a worthy cause could appreciate an interactive online selection. Videos attached to each piano can help a buyer listen to the crisp, melodic sound of each key. Colorful photos of all sides and a detailed description can help in the decision-making process.
Before shipping a gently-used piano to a deserving cause, shoppers might expect to “try” the merchandise. An upgraded page provides the opportunity to look, learn, and listen to Steinway Model B’s online. For these reasons, Concert Pianos is announcing an upgrade to the Steinway B page.


Based in Dallas, Texas 75244, Concert Pianos is a best-in-class retailer of used and pre-owned Steinway pianos. Under the leadership of Maestro Bruno, Concert Pianos has garnered a reputation as the best place on the Internet to find Steinway pianos for sale, including the popular Steinway model B. Connoisseurs of Steinway pianos seeking to buy Steinway pianos online (or even to sell their Steinway) reach out to Maestro Bruno for expert guidance as to the value of Steinway pianos, how to buy or sell them, and how to find them at the best price. Always ready to talk, Maestro Bruno can be reached via the website and is happy to discuss the opportunities to buy or sell a “dream Steinway piano.”

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