If You Are Looking for a Steinway Piano, You Could Even Buy One Online

Today we are in the digital age, and the truth of the matter is that you can buy almost anything that you wish online. And many people do. Just look at the runaway success of websites like Amazon and eBay.Used Steinway online

Does that include things such as Steinway pianos? Indeed, it does. You can certainly buy a used Steinway piano on eBay. However, before you go rushing off and ordering one, buying a used Steinway online may not be such a good idea. Buying a NEW Steinway online may be OK, because it comes with a warranty, but buying a used one is a different kettle of fish. Even if you are going to buy a new Steinway, you would want to try it out first. But as for buying a used Steinway online, you want to know what you are getting. Just because it has the Steinway name on it doesn’t mean that it is in tip-top condition.

If You Buy Online There May be No Comeback

Furthermore, if you buy a used Steinway online and you are not happy with it, there is no comeback. No warranty. No nothing. And we are not talking about spending peanuts here. A new 9’ Steinway Model D can cost up to $171,000 and even the smaller ones can cost up to $129,000. Used ones, obviously, are less expensive, yet you could still easily be talking $75,000. When you are considering spending that sort of money – whether or not you are a millionaire – you really do need the services of an expert in Steinway pianos in order to make certain that you don’t finish up with a turkey. Our most popular models, of course, are the Steinway B pianos.

This is why you should talk to Maestro Bruno at Concert Pianos in Bowie, TX. Maestro Bruno lives and breathes Steinways, having been buying and selling them for 45 years. As you might gather, after all that time he is something of an expert. He has also bought no less than seven of the Steinway Model B’s for his own personal use over that time.

At Concert Pianos we usually have around 25 Steinways in stock at any one time, all of which are PPO – premium pre-owned. Maestro Bruno can talk to you using Skype and discuss your requirements. He can then suggest which models would be the best fit for you. Rather than placing an order online – which you could do if you wish – you would be far better off flying in and looking at all our Steinways yourself. That way, you can try them out at your leisure – we only deal with one client each day, so the day is yours and you can take as long as you like.

Better still, you will have Maestro Bruno at your side to advise you on the best Steinway for your needs.

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