General Legend
Year Built This is the last date that a Steinway was in the factory
Year or Date Sold This could be up to 24 months
Serial Number Series Steinway Uses 6 numbers starting in 1901 These can be in 1 to 3 places on the piano
Case Condition Ebony Satin Cases front 1986 to present use about 39% solids in the paint. This will show surface scratches. See Legend for Condition Rating
Action Down Weight Expressed in Grams
Service Level How much service included in this price
Hours Left On Hammers Hammers last 22,000 hours this is how many hours of regular playing time left on the Hammers
Sound – Tone See Tone Legend
Player System This will denote the Brand and model of this unit
Steinway Satin Ebony Finish
10 Very Hard to have a 10 in Satin Ebony
09 Refinished or Brand New
08 Like new when rubbed out but some surface scratches might exist
07 Surface Scratches on Lid and Fallboard and some nicks
06 Same as 7 but with deeper surface and some dings
05 Same as 6 but with a few deeper nicks. Could use a Spray Over
04 Needs case work and a Spray Over
03 Needs Refinishing
02 Needs Case work and complete refinishing
01 Needs new parts in some areas and complete finishing
Action and ToneLegend
10 Extremely Fast, For the best players and the concert stage
09 Very even action, even voicing, very fast. In line with Level 4 Finer Regulation
08 Very even action, even voicing, fast. In line with Level 3
07 Usually in line with a Level 2. Even action and even tone
06 Usually a Level 1
10 Performance. A Brighter Tone. Hard to find. This tone usually has attack.
09 Classic with Performance Leanings and Good Bloom
08 Straight Classic Steinway Tone. About 60% of all Steinway’s you will play.
07 Classic with some Darkness. Very good color and dynamic range
06 Dark and Sweet with good color