Instruments Needing Restoration

Additional pianos are available, however may not be pictured, due to new acquisitions and trades. Please contact us for your specific piano request.

Piano Requests -

A Little TLC Goes a Long Way


1970 Steinway Model B 7' Semi-Concert Grand $22,181

1960 Steinway Model B 9' Concert Grand $33,587


1909 Steinway Model O

1909 Steinway Model O - $7,500

1909 Steinway Model O with a very good, tight soundboard and a strong tone.

The action and hammers are in good condition. The piano was restrung about 15 years ago. This piano would be a strong piano for a player or you can refinish it and make it an excellent piano for your home. The piano will need casters - it was traded in from a community college which had the piano placed on a piano truck.



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