Concert Piano Selection Center - where concert instruments are chosen for prestigious venues throughout the United States.

Find your perfect performance instrument!

Our Concert Piano Selection Center serves Institutions, Music Professors, Concert Artists and Individuals with discriminating tastes.

Over the past 13 years, we have been facilitating the replacement of worn out pianos at colleges and universities across the country. During this time, we realized the importance of high quality instruments in the growth and learning of a music student. However, not everyone can afford a brand new premium piano.

Our experience and expertise has enabled us to specialize in locating premium pianos across the country. We began acquiring high-end previously loved pianos with the dream of opening a unique selection center offering quality pianos at prices far below those of brand new instruments. This dream became a reality in April of 2008, when we opened The Concert Piano Selection Center. Located north of Dallas Fort Worth Airport, our Selection Center and our affiliates stock an amazing collection 7' and 9' concert ready pianos.

A visit to our piano selection center ensures you have the time to choose the right piano for your home or performance venue.

Steinway Concert Grand Model D

Selection Center

Selection Center

Enjoy the Inviting Atmosphere
Our selection center is reserved by appointment only. This creates an environment where you can feel comfortable to play each instrument at your own pace.

Relax on the fine leather couches to reflect upon your choices, enjoy a lunch break and discuss your purchase options.

Selection Center Selection Center
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